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Basic Aid Training

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"B.A.T." is an American Red Cross certification program for Basic Aid Training taught at Parker Memorial School.  It is taught by our local Fire Fighters, Dennis Carlson and Joseph Duval along with Parker School Health and Safety teacher, Mrs. Logsdon.  All fourth graders participate, and this becomes their  Health grade based on skills, participation and homework.


“Basic Aid Training” Graduation Day for student’s of Mrs. Cassidy”s  Fourth Grade class at Parker Elementary School in Tolland. A total of 245 Fourth Grader’s participated in the class which is sponsored by the Tolland Fire Department, the P.T.O and taught by Tolland Fire Fighters Dennis Carlson, Joseph Duval and Parker Health and Safety Instructor Bonnie Buttafuso. This program has been at Parker since 1998 and there have been graduates of this program that have been credited with saving lives.


Dennis speaks to an afternoon BAT class at Parker School.


Students learn the proper way
to check a person's pulse


Dennis and Mark assist two students
with the Heimlich Maneuver.


Joe tests a student from the 2008 class on Rescue Breathing


Bat students getting wet during fire truck visit


A student practices the look, listen and feel
technique to check to see if a person
is breathing.


Joe goes over some basic
 first aid techniques.


Fire Fighter Ben Roper tests students on bandaging.


Fire fighters Duval and Pasek with winner of BAT fire truck ride and family



The Tolland Fire Department, along with the Tolland PTO and Board of Education, sponsor the Basic Aid  Training program for 4th Grade students at Parker Memorial School.
Here Fire Fighters Dennis Carlson and Joseph Duval along with Mrs. Logsdon, Health Teacher at Parker, stand along side  two of the B.A.T. students who have recently used their skills in an emergency. The students are Austin (L) who made a quick 911 call after spotting a neighbors house on fire and Shannen (R) who used the Heimlich Manuever on her brother who was choking on a piece of candy.

WFSB Ch. 3 TV Report & Video


Boy's quick thinking makes him a lifesaver