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Faces In Rescue

Faces in rescue are something to see.
Some happy, some sad, all working with me.
From the joy of a new mother as we deliver her child.
To that of an auto accident where injuries are mild.

Faces, you can tell a great deal by.
They reflect a sprain, a pain or an overdose high.
You can see the man whose old heart is failing.
Or that of a parent whose child is ailing.

Faces in rescue belong not only to those we assist,
But to family and friends, just a few from the list.
You can see reflections of faith, hope and charity too.
You can see people praying that we know what to do.

Faces in rescue are a part of us too,
As we pray to keep strong after losing a few.
The best face in rescue is that of success,
After we've saved a person in cardiac distress.

The faces in rescue have taught much to me.
Especially, the respect of life, which people seldom see.
Yesterday we lost a four year old boy,
Today, I pray, let the Faces in Rescue, be only of joy.



Copyright: 1981