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August 27, 2009
Tolland Senior Center
Annual Cookout
The Tolland Fire Department sponsored the Annual Senior  Center Cookout. This event was attended by over 90 of  Tollands Senior residents.


Seniors 09.jpg

Safety Town
July 2009

Safety Town is program that is run each year for two weeks.

the program is put on by the Tolland Junior Women’s Club. There is about 150 kids the participate and learn all about safety, the fire department handles the fire safety and ambulance show and tell.



FF Duval And Explorer Tom show
what fire fighters wear to
keep them safe in a fire


FF Duval shows some equipment

and talks about Not to play

 with matches and lighters


FF Duval uses a child manikin

 to show and tell the medical

Equipment on R640 



FF Duval and explorer Tom show

R640 stretcher with packaged

child manikin on it



June 2009

Relay for Life





FF Duval and Pasek were part of the FireFighters of Tolland Relay for Life team. They helped raise money for cancer and took part in the event held at Tolland High school.

May 12, 2009
Tolland fire fighters, both career and volunteer, work side by side during a Mock Crash demonstration at Tolland High School. This event was held during Prom Week at THS for the entire Junior and Senior class.



June 26, 2009
Tolland Library Truck Day


Fire Fighter Jason Wellings shows Forestry 240 to attendees of Truck Day


April 30, 2009


Fire Prevention


FF Duval  gives a fire prevetion talk to a group

 of 3-4 year olds from local preschool


FF Duval with the help FF Roper show
what firefighters wear to a fire


Recently the Tolland Explorer Post 142 with the help of

FF Duval (Senior Fire advisor) and the Tolland Fire Dept have gotten the Fire side up and running again. Explorers come down to the fire house to learn what it takes to be a firefighter and some get to ride on emergencies





Explorers Mike and Chris learn how to check the SCBA

 (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) under the guidance of FF Duval


Tolland MOMS Club
Oct. 9, 2008



Letter to the Reminder News Paper


I am the president of the Tolland MOMS Club.  On 10/9/08, two Tolland Fire Fighters came to our monthly social to talk to our members about fire safety.  The fireman were Joe Duval & Jason Wellings.  I can't thank them enough for the great job they did.  First they were down on their knees at the children's eye level, discussing each part of a fireman's uniform.  They wanted the children not to be afraid of a fireman or his uniform when the come to a fire to rescue them.  (I have heard some children hide under their beds because they think they are monsters with the masks etc).  They even let the children touch the uniform and mask.  Then we went outside to see the firetruck.  The fireman were incredible teachers.  They asked lots of questions to keep the children engaged as they explained all the parts of the truck.  Even the small children loved getting in the truck.  Finally, everyone got a coloring book, fireman's badge sticker, and fireman hat.  I was so impressed with the presentation they did.  I can't thank them enough!  The children really had a good time!

Sincerely, Kelly Pabilonia (President)

MOMS Club of Tolland 

Tolland Fire Dept.
Open House
Oct. 11, 2008


Fire Fighter Steve Pasek helps State Representative Bryan Hurlburt (D-53) while he puts on a complete set of fire fighters protective gear plus a self contained breathing apparatus!!

Tolland Senior Center
Annual Cook Out
Aug. 28, 2008




The Tolland Fire Department sponsors an annual summer cook out for the senior citizens of Tolland. Working side by side, members of both the paid staff and the volunteer staff participated and served approximately 90 seniors.

Truck Day
Tolland Library


On Friday June 7, the Tolland Library held it's annual Truck Day. Representing the Tolland Fire Department were Fire Fighter's Joe Duval, Joey Duval (Joe's son), Steve Pasek, Jason Wellings, Jason Szemreylo and Ben Roper.
(not pictured)Fire Fighter Mark Morrison was also present for the 2 hour demonstration.




Tolland Junior Women's Club
Safety Town
July 2008


FF Joe Duval shows a group
of kindergarten children the
direct pressure method as a
way to control bleeding.


FF Duval and FF Steve Pasek
demonstrate the fire fighter's
gear to the children.

Career Day
Tolland Middle School


At a recent Career Day at the Tolland Middle School, the fire service was well represented by both career and volunteer fire fighters
 From (L-R) Joe Duval , career member of Tolland Fire Dept., Tom Lebel representing the volunteers of Tolland and Al Dodd, Deputy Chief from East Hartford Fire Department.


Fire Fighter Brian Gagnon, instructs
Tolland High School Senior, Ben Roper
in the proper way to use an SCBA.
The Fire Dept. works in conjuction with
Tolland High School's "Senior Options Program".
Ben is in full protective gear and
has ax in hand to understand  the weight 
that a fire fighter usually carries.


Mark mans the grill at the Annual Tolland Seniors Cookout sponsored by the Tolland Fire Department


Tolland fire fighters, both career and volunteer, work side by side at a Mock DUI Crash at Tolland High School.




As part of the Tolland Fire Department's Difibrillator Program, Jason places an additional defibrillator in the Town Hall. Tolland has been named a "Heart Safe City" by the State of Connecticut.


Dennis and Jason assist a young Tolland resident from the "Smoke Room" at one of the evening sessions for the public at the Fire Safety House.


Dennis shows a Tolland  resident how to operate Truck 240 at the Tolland Library Truck Day.


Joe teaches a young resident how to make a 911 call.