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Letter To The  Editor "Journal Inquirer" from
Tolland Fire Chief John Littell

Making a difference

EMS Week 2008, which was celebrated May 18-24 and themed “Your Life is Our Mission,” was a time to recognize everyone in the emergency medical services work force.

I would like to extend many thanks to all emergency medical technicians, medical response technicians, firefighters, paramedics, nurses, doctors, educators, administrators, and others who are working together to get the job done.

For most, however, it’s more than a job. It’s a desire to help people in need. It takes special people to consistently extend themselves in order to provide the highest level of care to patients and to help others during emergency situations.

I would like to extend many personal thanks and recognize all members of Tolland Fire Department, both career and volunteer. From the smallest of tasks to lifesaving maneuvers, each member contributes in a way that makes a difference. It is because of your gifts of time, unique talents, and knowledge that our community is a better place.

Attending hundreds of hours of training each year, responding to calls for help, taking time away from your own families, and making personal sacrifices in order to serve others in need is greatly appreciated by all who have come to depend on you.

You should be proud to know that your efforts are valued, make a difference in the community and accomplish the mission of providing exceptional care.

John C. Little


The writer is chief of the Tolland Fire Department.

Email to Town Manager from town resident!

Thank you for your kind wishes.  You obviously know kids - James's sense of humor and his eagerness to resume all of his activities, especially playing, are already restored.  Nicola and I are doing our best to make him rest, as his nose is broken, and he has some mean looking bumps and scrapes on his face.  I expect that he will be back in school on Monday.

I must also take this opportunity to commend Chief John Littell and his public safety team and ambulance crew for the unforgettably kind and highly competent first aid and care they provided to James.  As you  know, he is still quite young and is rarely without his parents or third grade teacher.  Hence, in addition to my and Nicola's concerns about his physical trauma, we were worried about the fear that he must have experienced, being the epicenter of a school emergency and being transported to Hartford in an ambulance, especially without having yet seen his mother or me.  Therefore, I must express my family's gratitude for each member of the response team knowing this and quickly demonstrating an understanding  of James's emotional needs.  To our relief, James later described that nearly as much effort was expended keeping his spirits high as was affording him the highest level of care for his physical injuries. 

James, Nicola, and I are most grateful for the empathy and
professionalism of of the EMTs and other members of the Public Safety and Fire Departments, who helped James yesterday afternoon.   I hope that you will pass on my appreciation for such meritorious performance to Chief Littell and the other staff members involved under his supervision.

Chief John Littell,  Dennis Carlson, Jason  Szemreylo  and Part Time Public Safety Officers Jason Wellings and Steve Pasek were on this call.

This poster was made as a "Thank You Card" for  Brian Gagnon and Dan Heald after a visit to the  Kid's Academy in Tolland.



Thank You Card from Kid's Academy.


Thank You Card from THS Creative Nursery School
 for Brian & Mark.